Reflections & New Outlooks


We hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season!

As the year comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year. What went well, and what could have gone differently. Although, this is not the time to beat yourself up. The working mom has an end of year or even end of fiscal year review. It’s a great time to sit down and reflect on accomplishments of the past year. However, stay at home moms, or even working moms, often miss out on this opportunity to reflect on the past quarter, six months or even year of progress. How quickly our small children grow and develop new skills! Isn’t it time you made some time to set goals and perhaps even learn a few new skills too?

For example, I felt like I did really well in the spring planning out our weeks, and even our meals. Then somehow this all fell apart. So this is my number one goal for the new year. Lots of healthy meals that (fingers crossed) everyone will eat! As well all know toddlers can be really picky eaters. I’ll be sharing a lot of our favorite recipes here.

Here are my top three changes I’ll be making in the new year.

1. Plan Meals for the Week & Schedule our Time

I greatly enjoy cooking. I know not everyone does. But I have been so happy that our little girl also loves to help mommy in the kitchen. After my husband built us our own helping tower it has been so much joy being able to cook with her! Here is one of my favorite planners I use to print weekly, and then hang on the fridge. FREE WEEKLY PLANNER My husband and I met on a camping trip in the great smoky mountains. So you know we love to be outdoors and active. There are lots of great groups that let moms be social and also exercise together.  I plan on becoming more involved in my local groups and meeting up with them once a week.

2. Schedule Time to Learn New Skills.

It’s important your children reach their important milestones, but what about you? How fantastic would it be to take some continuing education courses related to your career? Or maybe you’d like to learn a new skill like hand lettering, kick-boxing, or investing in the stock market. There are great sites that can connect coaches with students, the possibility is literally endless! Skill Share literally has thousands of classes, why not try one?

3. Start a weekly vlog.

I’m really excited about this one. I want to share more about trials and errors and find vlogs a fun and easy way to consume and share information quickly and easily. You can listen to a vlog and do other things at the same time! It’s no secret that building massive podcast audiences is possible, but how about vlogs? I intend to find out!


These are my top three goals for 2018.

Are you ready to make your own goals for the new year? Here are some tips from Entrepreneur Magazine, goals should be:

  • Specific, achievable and realistic– Make sure your goals are concrete, concise and attainable. …
  • Measurable– Frame your goals in such a way so you can measure your progress. …
  • Timely– Give yourself a reasonable time frame for achieving your goal.


As I reflect on the past year, and the new friendships I’ve built, I’m so grateful to have you visiting our blog. Thank you so much for your support and we hope you’ll continue to visit!




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