My Favorite Shoes for Spring!

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I’m so excited to share a few of my favorite new spring shoe trends! Blush and Gingham are current favorites. I’m sharing my shopping tips, and tricks to get you looking  on trend, without breaking the budget!


Blush Mules

Splurge-Worthy Blush Mules

Budget Friendly Sueded Bow-Tie Slide


On Trend- Gignham


On Trend, Splurge-Worthy Report Espadrille Slide Sandal

Budget Friendly Gingham Slides


Canvas Sneakers

Splurge-Worthy Converse Sneakers

Budget Friendly Blush Canvas Shoes


A Shoe You’ll LOVE

If you’ve shopped budget friendly thus far, way to go!! However, can’t wait to show you this last pair, because sometimes its ok to splurge a little. After all, Mother’s Day is coming up!! Maybe you’ll put these on your wish list!

You’ll fall in love with this sexy, date night worthy Vince Camuto, Cachinta Open Toe Bootie! The heel is wide enough you’ll feel like you have enough support to walk down old town cobble streets for a dinner date, or across a grassy field for an evening concert in the gardens.  This neutral color is perfect to go with any dress, rockstar white jeans or that sexy romper you just bought!

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 5.23.28 PM


Please comment below if you love our picks, or if you have a few must have trends you would add!





Sisterhood, more than just Friendship

How may times have you wondered if what you’re doing is really making a difference? Women have wrestled with thoughts of doubt, longing, thankfulness, heartache and desire for millennium. As mothers, daughters, sisters, our hearts are made to be open to love, and service. If you’re a mom, you know what I’m talking about. But who can we turn to for support? Our spouse can be a single source of love, encouragement, and partnership among many other things. But our spouse cannot be everything for us. We need relationships outside our marriage.

Sisters, whether by flesh or friendship, can provide us with such great joy, comfort and be a huge support system. New moms especially need a circle of women they can trust. In some cultures that circle includes family, mothers, sisters, aunts, and other relatives. But in the US we often have miles between our closest relatives. Mom tribe, sisterhood, moms and tots, whatever the group might be called, they are all the same. Women helping other women.




In the age of the internet, it is so easy to feel like you have a mom tribe in a FaceBook group, Instagram mamas or other social media group. But there is nothing like spending time face to face with the same women week after week for an hour or three. We’re humans and most of us crave human interaction. (Yes, even introverts like some time with groups).

If you don’t have a moms group you’re part of, I’d like to encourage you to “make space” in your life for one. Look on FB, it’s ok. Try out a mom group through your local church. They won’t be judging you for wearing yoga pants, or having a milk stain (I think that’s what it is) on your shirt or not brushing you hair that day. You know why? Because they are going through the same thing as you. They can relate. Even if you only have a chance to order a coffee and pray that your kids play nicely for 30 minutes while you try to remember the other moms names, I promise it will be worth it. The stories I’ve shared, and had shared with me, the advice I’ve received, and lovingly given, have forged bonds that I know will last a lifetime.

Moms, we need each other. We can’t do it alone.


Children are such a blessing, and they look to us for guidance, for us to be a model the type of behavior we wish of them. And yes, motherhood is a mountain we climb each day. But the small feet that follow us, eventually share the view of sunlight at the top. I promise you it is worth all the daily struggles.

And it’s totally ok to humble ourselves and say we need help.


If you’re looking for more models, women in scripture are our real-life models of prayer, penitence, adoration, thanksgiving, and praise- our sisters of faith.


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