Sisterhood, more than just Friendship

How may times have you wondered if what you’re doing is really making a difference? Women have wrestled with thoughts of doubt, longing, thankfulness, heartache and desire for millennium. As mothers, daughters, sisters, our hearts are made to be open to love, and service. If you’re a mom, you know what I’m talking about. But who can we turn to for support? Our spouse can be a single source of love, encouragement, and partnership among many other things. But our spouse cannot be everything for us. We need relationships outside our marriage.

Sisters, whether by flesh or friendship, can provide us with such great joy, comfort and be a huge support system. New moms especially need a circle of women they can trust. In some cultures that circle includes family, mothers, sisters, aunts, and other relatives. But in the US we often have miles between our closest relatives. Mom tribe, sisterhood, moms and tots, whatever the group might be called, they are all the same. Women helping other women.




In the age of the internet, it is so easy to feel like you have a mom tribe in a FaceBook group, Instagram mamas or other social media group. But there is nothing like spending time face to face with the same women week after week for an hour or three. We’re humans and most of us crave human interaction. (Yes, even introverts like some time with groups).

If you don’t have a moms group you’re part of, I’d like to encourage you to “make space” in your life for one. Look on FB, it’s ok. Try out a mom group through your local church. They won’t be judging you for wearing yoga pants, or having a milk stain (I think that’s what it is) on your shirt or not brushing you hair that day. You know why? Because they are going through the same thing as you. They can relate. Even if you only have a chance to order a coffee and pray that your kids play nicely for 30 minutes while you try to remember the other moms names, I promise it will be worth it. The stories I’ve shared, and had shared with me, the advice I’ve received, and lovingly given, have forged bonds that I know will last a lifetime.

Moms, we need each other. We can’t do it alone.


Children are such a blessing, and they look to us for guidance, for us to be a model the type of behavior we wish of them. And yes, motherhood is a mountain we climb each day. But the small feet that follow us, eventually share the view of sunlight at the top. I promise you it is worth all the daily struggles.

And it’s totally ok to humble ourselves and say we need help.


If you’re looking for more models, women in scripture are our real-life models of prayer, penitence, adoration, thanksgiving, and praise- our sisters of faith.


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Easy Valentine Mobile Craft

I love Valentine’s Day, especially now that I’m a mom.¬† Children see the world with such wonder and amazement, it makes holidays even more fun! We love doing crafts together, and our favorites always include something personalized. Almost all of the supplies we used can be bought at the dollar store if you don’t already have most of it at home! Bonus points, right? Fun and almost free!




  • Large Foam Hearts (we got ours at Dollar Tree)
  • Small Foam Heart Stickers (also from Dollar Tree)
  • Bakers Twine, Yarn, whatever you have on hand
  • Paint & Paint Brush
  • Markers, Craft Pen, whatever you have on hand
  • Scissors
  • Tape or Glue
  • FREE Hearts Printable¬†


Ready to get started? Grab a couple paper towels and let’s got!

Print out our hearts here, if you haven’t already. Then cut out the hearts and set them aside. Cut the baker’s twine/ string/ yarn to four pieces of 11 inches in length.

Ask the child to pick a paint color they’d like to do their hand print with. (Tip for those that don’t like messy hands, trace their hand on the Large Heart, then fill it in with paint together!) For the others, gently paint the palm of your child’s hand with their desired color and ask them to spread their fingers while you guide them to making their hand print on one of the large hearts! Set aside to dry.


Lay out three pieces of baker twine and the heart cutouts with the small foam hearts in the pattern you would like for your mobile. Carefully remove the backing to each heart sticker and place adhesive side up with the string on top and place one printed heart on top making a sandwich with the string in the middle. (Tip, you could use red/ white/ pink hearts cut from construction paper in place of the heart stickers.) Repeat for all three strings attaching all the printed hearts to the heart stickers.



“LOVE IS…” to the Large heart with the hand print, then turn over (make sure the paint is dry! and tape or glue the fourth piece of string to the back as a loop. While turned over, tape or glue to the bottom of the backside of the heart the three rows of hearts now dangling on the strings.


Great work! Don’t forget to write your child’s name and the year on the back of their new master piece! These Easy Valentine Mobiles could be gifts for grandparents, teachers, godparents, elderly neighbors, anyone that could benefit from such a sweet homemade gift.

If you tried this craft, let us know! We’d love to hear from you. Comment below.

Valentine Craft


Sensory Play

Build Your Own Sensory Kit

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

Does your toddler love to play with you when it’s time to cook dinner? Or maybe when you have a sink full of dishes plus a dishwasher full of clean dishes that need to be put away?

Maybe you’re ready for sensory play with a sensory bin!

There will be some training, for the kids, yes, but also for you of course! Yes, there will be some mess, and that’s ok. Embrace the mess.

Sensory Play


The Rules. Yes there are two rules that are critical for success.

  1. We do NOT EAT our sensory bins
  2. We do not DUMP our sensory bins

First give a warning.  When one of the two rules are broken give a warning, then put away the bin for 10-15 minutes.

That’s it! For your first bin, expect mistakes. Judge the maturity of your child, some are ready at 16 months, some need 24 months or more to perfect and play nicely in a sensory bin. Hopefully you’ll get at least 15 minutes of solid play time, maybe even up to an hour!


Below are the recommended tools to start your own sensory bin. Starting with something simple like rice and fewer tools will set both of you up for success. And remember adult supervision is always required!




  1. Storage bin (this one from Target would do nicely)
  2. Two pounds of rice (we’ll get into colored rice in another post)
  3. Scooping tools (we love these from Ikea or try these from Amazon)
  4. Optional: Glass jars (to see it filling) Funnels (reenforces object permanence) Measuring Cups/ Scooping Toys and/ or fun figures like small construction trucks or animals that can play/ hide in the bin.


recommended (1)

Best of luck and we hope that you have lots of fun with your sensory bin!! Comment below if you’d like us to share more sensory bin ideas or suggestions to make first time sensory bin play successful. We’d love to hear from you! Even if you’re not successful, remember that just like learning to eat, it’s often messy at first, but with more practice everyone gets better!!

I should also mention that storing your supplies in gallon ziplock bags, right in the bin makes clean up, and set up a breeze!


Ready to try a few more Sensory Bins?